About the Artist:

 Don E. Brown has been photographing and creating images from all over the world for over four decades. and has sold his Sea of Dreams® prints, cards, images, graphic designs and posters since the '80s.

He's also been, at various times, a Corvette assembly line night-shift worker,  a carpenter, an honors grad of Yale U & Stanford Law,  a Virgin Island charter sailboat captain, a Park Avenue, Seattle & Beverly Hills trial lawyer, a ditchdigger, a movie critic, a Senior VP of international corporate law &  finance for a DC global satellite telecommunications company - the world's first commercial application of combined satellite positioning and two-way messaging,  a furniture maker, a home designer, an original Mac jockey, a college English lit instructor, a Puerto Rican farmer &  a book editor, illustrator & designer.

After creating images, building, sailing and planting fruit and flowering trees in the Caribbean for more than 18 years, he now resides in the States on the East Coast, and has been an active volunteer in repairing damaged photos (www.operationphotorescue.org).

"There was a star danced
and under that I was born."

             William Shakespeare

My Dream

All original photos and images: © Don E. Brown 2004 - 2018 & Sea of Dreams® Images, Cards, Posters & Graphic Design.
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